blueprint is a consultancy firm located in Alwarpet, Chennai, specialising in architecture, interior design and construction management. We have designed and managed over 100 projects ranging from 20000 sq.ft to 2000 sq.ft.

Our practice, over a decade old, thrives on the conviction that the best designs are born from a good client-designer symbiosis that incorporates the following: clear role definition, honest & open communication, and trust. That's where we make a difference.

We use various design styles to suit client requirements and script a well refined, high quality product with spaces that reflect who you are and respond to your needs.

Our practice, supported by a back-end team of experienced engineers, quantity surveyors and draughtspeople, wields sufficient control during construction, site supervision, quality management and contractor management.

With our portfolio of 100+ projects, we have developed a good working relationship with over 1000 vendors, sub-consultants & contractors, covering almost every facet of the industry. This helps us delegate the right resource at the right time and for the right price.

While Architect Philip Johnson's belief, "Architecture is the art of how to waste space", is definitely of value when one has the luxury of space, we at blueprint also know how to juice every cubic inch of it! So, go ahead and ask for the moon; we'll do everything we can to put it in there!